Participant Feedback on CMTW’19
Kushagra Goyal, MME, IIT Ropar

CMTW’19 workshop was a great initiative taken by CBME department of IIT Ropar. Unlike other conferences or workshops where keynote speeches are confined to just one domain area, this workshop was interdisciplinary and comprehensive in such a way that each way was a new wonderful experience for me.

I though being from Materials sciences, am now able to explain how biological interfaces measurement and instrumentations work. The keynote speech by Dr. Ashish Sahani which was coupled with practical demonstration of ECG machine working and electrical stimulations made me to wonder how wonderful human body is and we can control our muscles with just repetitive pulsed electrical signals. The hands-on session on Medical app development by Dr. Puneet Goyal helped break the ice from the coding languages. I am now at intermediate level in using android studio and flutter software, which I suppose I would never be able to be if I had not attended this workshop. Not only medical sectors, android app development is necessary for every sector in today’s world.

The workshop was not just limited to technology and hands-on session workshops. Along with these, this workshop had a perfect blend of keynote speakers that introduced me the key problems in the medical industry and challenges that one faces when one wants to start a business not only in the medical fields but any other field under the Sun. They all encouraged me to be an innovator, bringing out the hidden intellect in me to think out of the box to solve the core problems of the society.

The keynote speeches were in the way as Motivation > core problems > Things to consider before finding a solution > how to think about solution > bringing idea from paper to reality > patenting the idea> funding the MedTech startup > marketing solutions.

The keynote speech on the story of TYNOR made be to believe that despite problems and challenges, to be successful a business just requires a dream, a planning and a persistent strong zeal; this is what made company started with just a just few lakhs of investment to now an industry worth crores. I learnt that before starting a company, we need to ponder upon what to produce? , How to Produce? , and from where the technology transfer will be taking place? Also I was introduced to what malpractices in business other leading brands can follow and what one should be aware of during marketing of our products.

Once the technology is innovated, it needs to be filed with intellectual property or patent. Keynote speeches on topics like regulatory road blocks, intellectual property, manufacturing and market access prospective helped me to learn what all points I should keep in mind during brainstorming sessions or one can be in trouble  and all efforts can go in vain if these points are not considered from very starting.

The workshop also included the hackathon which was its special charm. Nine teams were made by randomly choosing the candidates and nine challenges were given to them to bring solutions of. All teams were given every possible assistance in form of tools guidance etc. On final day every team had to present their ideas which were judged by the jury comprised of highly respected personalities who were experts in various fields such as health, business, marketing etc. Where the keynote speeches addressed the core problems and opportunities that rely in biomedical technology as market and society, hackathon helped to learn how to generate technology as solutions to these problems.

The workshop strictly adhered to its schedule. The management team looked after every comfort of each participant.

In all, the workshop was a complete capsule for technology development and innovation and I would prescribe all those who want to learn technology, either existing or want develop one, irrespective of their domain to attend this workshop if it happens again anytime in future.

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