Currently, my lab is working on the following projects actively:

  1. Mercury-free Sphygmomanometer Designs.
    Funding: IIT Ropar, Collaborators: Cardiology, DMC Ludhiana
  2. Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse
    IIT Ropar- ISIRD
  3. Biopotential Amplifiers and Stimulators
  4. Digital epilepsy management systems, Collaborators: Neurology, DMC Ludhiana
  5. Smart-watch to detect epileptic seizures.
    BIRAC – BIG, Collaborators: Neurology, DMC Ludhiana
  6. Low-cost Ventilator Design
    Funding: BIRAC – Covid19- Consortium, Collaborators: Cardiology, DMC Ludhiana and Anesthesiology, Parmar Hospitals
  7. Anti-PU Bed design for Neonates
    Funding: DST-SERB, Collaborators: Neonatology, DMC Ludhiana