Invited Talks

  1. CARING – A Story of High Quality Research Through Collaboration by Dr. Vidur Mahajan, the associate director of Mahajan Imaging and head of R&D of CARING research held on 22 November, 2018.
  2. Scope and Challenges of Thermal Ablative Therapies of Tumors by Dr. Naveen Kalra, Professor of Radio-diagnosis at PGIMER, Chandigarh, 27 November, 2018 .
  3. Empowering people with Unpowered Assistive Innovations by Mr. Ganesh Jangir, CEO of Newndra Innovations, 18 Jan, 2019.
  4. Innovations in Medicine: Need of the hour by Dr. Rajoo SIngh Chinna, Dean academics and Professor & Head, Gastroenterology, Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMC&H), Ludhiana held on 19 Feb, 2019
  5. Talk by Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi on “Inventing Medical Devices, The Indian Perspective“, as part of CBME Medtech Workshop, Feb, 2019
  6. Talk by Dr. Dhiraj Mahajan talk on “Material selection and properties for biomedical devices“, as part of CBME Medtech Workshop, Feb, 2019
  7. Hands on session on “Design of Orthopedic equipment/Implants” by Dr. Naveen Kumar, as part of CBME Medtech Workshop, Feb, 2019
  8. Talk by Mr. Gautham Pasupuleti, Managing Director of Biodesign Innovation Lab on “My healthcare startup journey“, as part of CBME Medtech Workshop, Feb, 2019
  9. Hands on session on “Medical App Development” by Dr. Puneet Goyal, CSE, IIT Ropar, as part of CBME Medtech Workshop, Feb, 2019
  10. Development of Prosthetic Hand-A Journey“, by Scientists from CSIR- CSIO, as part of CBME Medtech Workshop, Feb, 2019
  11. Journey of Tynor: Building a successful medical device company” by Dr. P J Singh, Managing Director of Tynor Orthotics, as part of CBME Medtech Workshop, Feb, 2019
  12. Challenges in radiology – Can artificial intelligence help?” by Kushaljit Singh Sodhi, Professor, Dept. of Radiodiagnosis, PGIMER, Chandigarh, Feb, 2019
  13. Talk by Paresh Patel from Quadio on Affordable hearing care, Feb, 2019
  14. Talk by Dr. Gurpreet Wander, Dean Research of DMC Ludhiana, on “Developing indigenous standards and guidelines of medical practice“, Feb 2019
  15. Talk by Bhavish Sood, Managing Partner at Blue Sky Capital on “How to fund a MedTech Startup“, Feb, 2019
  16. Talk by Dr. Peeush Sahni, HOD of Department of GI Surgery AIIMS, New Delhi on “Clinical perpectives on affordable medical devices“, Feb 2019
  17. Talk on “Bench-to-bedside transition of medical device innovations with a manufacturing and market access perspective” by Kingshuk Poddar, CEO of AMTZ Medi Valley, Feb 2020
  18. Session on Intellectual property by Talwar Advocates, Feb 2019.
  19. Talk by Dr. Ganesh Kumraj, Managing Director of BioBridge Healthcare Solutions Ltd. on Bio-pharmaceutical Industry – Global and Indian Perspective, 24 April 2019
  20. Talk by Dr. Rajesh Vijayvergiya from Advanced Cardiac Center, PGIMER in How to improve individual cardiovascular health, 25 Oct, 2019.
  21. Talk on “Introduction to reinforcement learning and its applications in autonomous driving” by Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Founder and CEO of Swaayatt Robots (स्वायत्त रोबोट्स) .