BM601: Human Physiology

I taught part of this course along with Dr. Druba Pal in 2019. The list of lectures taken by me are here:

Lecture 1: Heart anatomy and circulatory system
Lecture 2: Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Lecture 3: Pathologies of ECG
Lecture 4:  The cardiac cycle
Lecture 5: Lung anatomy
Lecture 6: Lung mechanics
Lecture 7: Lung Compliance
Lecture 8: Nervous System and Neurons
Lecture 9: Spinal Cord anatomy
Lecture 10: Spinal Cord physiology
Lecture 11: Brain anatomy
Lecture 12: Brain physiology and Autonomic nervous system
Lecture 13: Skeletal system
Lecture 14:  Anatomy and physiology of the eye

Lab 1: BP measurement (Normal, with caffeine intake and with valsalva maneuver). Paired t-test to test hypothesis.
Lab 2: ECG recording and measurement of pulse wave velocity.
Lab 3: Spirometry based evaluation of reduction in lung volumes after exercise.
Lab 4: EMG based evaluation of muscle fatigue.
Lab 5: Imaging of the retina using the fundus camera.