BM501: Essentials of Entrepreneurship

About the course:

This course aims at training the students in essential concepts of the startup ecosystem. After undergoing this material students are expected to develop confidence in starting up a new business. We will be covering materials on Creativity and Innovation, Ideation, Product development, Team dynamics, Hiring, Valuation,  Financing, Company compliances, Marketing, Network effects, Scaling, Organizational structure, Operations, Business Models  and many others.

Total lectures: 28. 

Credit structure: 2-0-0-4-2 (2 credits)

Maximum Student Intake: 40

Assignments: Course will have assignments that might include case studies, preparation of business models, Business pitch presentations, Financial calculations etc. Weightage (35)

Project: Weightage (20 marks). This may include preparing a detailed business plan in teams of two.

Mid-sem: Weightage (20)

End-Sem: Weightage (25)

This course can be taken as Science and Maths elective by BTech Students.

  1. Lecture 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  2. Lecture 2: Financial sustainability, Profile and entrepreneur, Interview of Founders of Yobshu
  3. Lecture 3: Intrapreneurship and Value Creation by Startups
  4. Lecture 4: Interactive Session with CEO of Grazitti Interactive
  5. Lecture 5: Venture Creation’s Role in Society
  6. Lecture 6: Firm Takeoff and Sales Takeoff
  7. Lecture 7: Interactive Session with CEO of Rean Foundation
  8. Lecture 8: Managing Risk and Uncertainty and Interaction with Mr. Partap Aggarwal
  9. Lecture 9: Push and pull innovation, Customers as sources of Innovation and Value of Ideas
  10. Lecture 10: Opportunity Assessment
  11. Lecture 11: Tournament Approach and Understanding User Needs
  12. Lecture 11.2: Interaction with Mr. Gautham Pasupuleti, CEO Biodesign Innovation Labs
  13. Lecture 12: Competitive Strategy and Brainstorming Methodology
  14. Lecture 13: Planning and Assumptions
  15. Lecture 14: Planning using the Reverse Income Statement
  16. Lecture 15: Customer Interview Session for Project
  17. Lecture 16: Elevator Pitch and Hardware Prototyping
  18. Lecture 17: Software and Service Prototyping
  19. Lecture 18: Lean Startup Model
  20. Lecture 19: Founding Team and Founder’s Agreement
  21. Lecture 20: Equity Allocation Among Founders
  22. Lecture 21: Hiring for Startups
  23. Lecture 22: IPR & Types of Companies in India
  24. Lecture 23: Business Models and Customer Lifetime Value
  25. Lecture 24: Financing Pathways
  26. Lecture 25: VC Round calculations and Crowdfunding