A Reflection on Summer of ’19

This summer has been very productive for our lab. Apart from my students, we had three interns and lab was buzzing with activity for all two months. We moved our base into the main campus of IIT Ropar and are the first group of CBME to do so. After moving, productivity of all my students have seen a sea change. This goes on to show, how strong an effect does the environment and behavior of other people play in the energy that we feel at the workspace.

We have been able to produce seven conference papers out of our lab in this summer spanning across areas of imaging, EEG, transfusion, ultrasound and machine learning. All three interns — Setika, Shivendra and Ankur, performed very well.  Most of these papers shall be submitted to upcoming conferences of IEEE.  We made a great leap in machine learning. I conducted more than 20 sessions for my students covering almost all important fundamentals of machine learning and deep learning. Now our lab is machine learning compliant 🙂 . I shall be offering a institute course on applied machine learning with emphasis on medical image and signal processing in the spring semester. All students helped me in multiple grant writing assignments and I am sure it is preparing them well for the future career. We acquired few hi-tech gadgets. HP Z4-G8 workstation, one of the fastest GPU workstations and HP Mixed reality headset are some of the notable additions.

The new semester is about to dawn upon us. I have two teaching assignments this semester – my flagship course on Biomedical Electronics and Communication (BM605) and part of Human Physiology (BM601). Last year, I really enjoyed designing BM605 and student feedback was excellent. This year, although it is pretty busy, I plan to add few more components to enrich this course further. Exams shall continue to be open book!

I understand that my students have been grilled a lot this summer with all the relocation, learning (may be forced learning 😉 ), presentations and writing. I would like to thank all of them for their support.


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