Invited Lectures

  1. 3D modeling and printing technologies for medical device applications and restorative solutions.” by Dr. Mamta Juneja and Dr. Prashant Jindal of UIET, Panjab University (Jan 15, 2019)
  2.  “Empowering people with Unpowered Assistive Innovations” by Mr. Ganesh Jangir, CEO of Newndra Innovations (Jan 18, 2019)
  3. Fundamentals of Cryosurgery” by Krishna Ramajayam, Post doctoral scientist, Department of Pediatrics, Medical University of South Carolina (Jan 31, 2019)
  4. Medical device regulations and standards” by Mohammad Ameel, Senior Consultant, Healthcare Technologies, WHO CC for Priority Medical Devices & Health Technology Policy, National Health Systems Resource Centre (Feb 4, 2019)
  5. Visit to Dev’s Dental Clinic, Rupnagar (Feb 6, 2019)
  6. Visit to Parmar Hospital, Rupnagar (Feb 6, 2019)
  7. Ethics, clinical trials and informed consent process while validating medical devices.” by Dr. Bikash Medhi, Professor of Pharmacology, PGIMER and Dr. Ajay Prakash, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, PGIMER (Feb 8, 2019)
  8. Visit to HITLAB Innovation Summit at IIT Delhi (Feb 16, 2018)