Course content

Lecture 1: Introduction to the course.

Lecture 2: Bio-potential Amplifiers

Lecture 3: Differential amplifier and Instrumentation amplifier with CMRR calculations.

Lecture 4: Invited lecture on “3D Modelling and printing technologies for medical device applications and restorative solutions” by Dr. Prashant Jindal and Mamta Juneja, UIET.

Lab 1: Introduction to DAQ in LabVIEW using USB-6001.

Lecture 5: Isolation amplifier, Surge protection, Stethoscope (History, principle, frequency response), Standing wave in open and closed tube (theory and demonstration)

Lecture 6: Student research paper presentations.

Lecture 7: Pulse-Oximetry

Lab 2: Making a GUI based audio recorder, player and spectral analyzer in Matlab. Addendum: Operating the pulse-oximeter.

Lecture 8: ECG review and cardiac Arrhythmias.

Lecture 9: Student paper presentations.

Lecture 10: Invited lecture on “Fundamentals of cryosurgery” by Krishna Ramajayam, University of North Carolina.

Lab 3: Evaluation of grip strength from EMG signals and Matlab analysis. Addendum: Observing through the otoscope.

Lecture 12: Invited lecture on “Medical device regulations and standards” by Mohammad Ameel, Senior Consultant, Healthcare Technologies, WHO CC for Priority Medical Devices & Health Technology Policy, National Health Systems Resource Centre.

Lab 4: Visit to Dev’s Dental Clinic and Parmar Hospital, Rupnagar

Lecture 13: Invited lecture on “Ethics, clinical trials and informed consent process while validating medical devices.” by Dr. Ajay Prakash, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, PGIMER

Lecture 14: Measurement of cardiac output.

Lecture 15: Measurement of ejection fraction and spirometry.

Lecture 16: Student presentations

Lab 5: Stimulation of radial nerve.

Lecture 17: HITLAB summit on digital health.

Lecture 18: Electrosurgery

Lecture 19: Assessment of Vision

Lecture 20: Student presentations