Installation process of DC++ on IIT Ropar main campus intranet

  • Install DC++ from
  • Connect to Campus LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Start DC++
  • Go to settings:
  • In the personal information section: Enter you nick name and set Line speed to 1000 MiBits/s.
  • In connectivity section, untick the box
  • In sharing section, at-least share 1 GB of data (Movies, games, books, documents etc.). This step may take some time. You can run this in background as well.

If you do not share 1 GB, administrator will blacklist you from entering the DC++ network.

  • Set the notifications section as follows:

Press Ok and close the settings window.

Go to File->Quick connect.

  • In the Quick connect box, enter the Mother Hub address:

Current hub address is:


  • Once you connect you see the following message:

This means that you are connected now. The users currently connected to the hub are listed on the right. You can download from any particular user by browsing through their file list. 

  • You may also search all the files listed on the hub by using the search button


This shall only run from Main Campus Network.

Do not share personal files or personal information! This hub is public to all IIT Ropar. Your content is not monitored.






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